Sunday, 2 July 2017

Why MRAs Are Old News - and why Pan-Anglosphere Dissidence is the New Men’s Movement

Misandry is encoded in the Anglosphere's Cultural DNA

The 'old school' or 'first wave' MRAs who believed the Anglosphere could be reformed and remoulded along less misandrist lines are looking so dated. Yes, a lot of what of A Voice for Men, Warren Farrell and Angry Harry talked about is essentially right (and they deserve respect for that): but so what? For all their efforts, these guys did not change a single thing in the lives of real-world men. Men still get ass-raped in the divorce courts, the lamestream media still set women atop pedestals and men are still ten times more likely to get a custodial sentence for a criminal offence.

The great problem with those ‘first wave’ Manosphere writers is that they failed to see what we Pan-Anglosphere Dissidents see all too clearly: that Anglo-Saxon culture is inherently misandrist and, as such, is inherently impervious to pro-male reform. In a nutshell, that is the big difference between us second-wave Manosphere writers and the ‘old school’ MRAs already alluded to. They believed reforming the system was possible, while we (in our various ways) have concluded that it is not. Essentially, the Anglosphere is built on gynocentric, misandrist foundations and, barring a complete cultural overthrow, that is how it is going to stay. An enlightened male can either remain as a malcontent within the Anglo-Feminist Matrix; he can exploit the Matrix to fund an alternative lifestyle; or he can leave it altogether. Those are the real choices available to red-pilled males; reform is an ‘old school’ pipe dream.

In the farewell post on his Men-Factor Blog, Richard Scarecrow drove right to the core of the ineradicable Anglo-American problem - hatred of men:
The core issue that is not addressed often - is HATRED OF MEN.
Get ready for a long-ass rant. One that you've heard before if you read my blog.
When I was in college, my friends and I had the typical attitude, "Don't hit a women, Scold any scum man that hits his wife/girlfriend" etc...(sound philosophy to be sure - one I still uphold today - I will not hit a woman unless my life depended on it).  Then, Lorena Bobbitt happened.  We all noticed how radically different women thought than men - they all had a "You Go Girl!" attitude towards the incident.  This stumped all of us.  We despised any man who engaged in physical violence against a woman.  Women were applauding a woman who sexually mutilated her husband - and knew NOTHING about the situation...  That is when we started realizing how deep this hatred ran. 

We were all beaten (metaphorically) over the head with "be nice to girls" talk growing up.  When we were in our twenties we were all scratching our heads wondering why women were so malicious, callous, and sadistic towards men, while men were the opposite towards women.  Quite a wake up call.  Once divorces started happening, the hatred of men (insane rage, relentless baseless vindictiveness, and sadism) became more apparent.  More of my friends got divorced, and more of my friends got into drugs and liquor to sedate themselves from the insanely hate-filled women in their lives (and to think - for a while - I felt left out!!!).  Of course, this happened all over again with the Katherine Kieu Becker incident - a "superior" Asian woman (but one raised and living in an Anglo context – RK) who doesn't hate sexually mutilated her husband.

You can change divorce laws all you want.  You can bias them in favor of women - it takes evil sadistic women to exercise those laws.  The problem is not any laws on the books.  The problem is the sadistic women who enjoy the privilege of those laws (99.999999%).  Women who have the doors held open for them - Women who have 30-40 guys pining for them - Women who can get sex anytime they want for free - Women who can treat a lot of men like crap and get away with it - Women who get gifts and money showered on them in some misguided attempt to get laid - Women who are in fact privileged and pedestalized.  NOT NOT NOT women who are abused (verbally or physically), raped, tortured, insulted every 5 minutes, cussed at etc...  No - those things are reserved for men.
The MRM is a complete miss.  It is geared to changing laws (futile).  Anti-Feminism is less of a miss, but still a miss (the WikiPedia definition).  MGTOW is embarrassing, MHRM is a bunch of faggots.
Various "man-o-sphere" blogs talk about sex and whatnot - yawn.  Some have a whore/virgin attitude - old argument - yawn.  Some force feminism into a body shape - fat - yawn.  Some force feminism into "right-wing Christian women" - i.e. they are trying to separate feminism from the left wing - yawn - fail - fuck off.  Some re-enforce the fact that feminism was a "left-wing anti-Christian" movement - yawn - fail - fuck off.  Few of them address the issue of HATE - specifically - how thick and mindlessly vindictive the hatred of men is in women today - not just one political party - and certainly not just fat women.

What can be done to combat the hate - well - nothing.  Myself, I fail to care for women (except immediate family).  I do not need to care about a murdered woman who made a bad mating choice and ended up dead for it.  I do not need to care when a woman gets arrested for hitting a police officer because she is used to hitting men and suffering no consequences.  I do not need to feel any compassion for these people - they are a cancer in society.  They make bad mating choices and end up dead, single whatever - Why should I care - I don't.  Do I mock them - ABSOLUTELY!  Is it because they are "having sex with everybody but me"?  NOPE!  Their bad choices in mating leads their predicament - a predicament I have to pay higher taxes for - be it for abortions - insurance - higher taxes - welfare for single moms etc...  I end up paying for their careless behaviour all while I am the enemy to them (a white heterosexual male). 

Well said, Scarecrow - for that is the cock and balls of it. AVfM and the Old School Men’s Rights writers always assumed that if only they highlighted the iniquities of an anti-male judiciary, education system and mass media then – as if by magic – reform would inevitably follow. In reality, Anglo-American civilization has just carried on in the same old misandrist way because misandry and gynocentrism are embedded in its socio-cultural DNA. And that is why the old school MRAs could no more reform the Anglosphere than they could hold back the tides of the sea; and why their efforts to do so were doomed from the very beginning

Old school MRAs are like King Cnut: Powerless

MGTOWS are deluded in a different way - they claim to shun Anglo women who already view them with utter contempt: not much of a protest. In truth, with their rampant misandry, fridigity and hypergamy, entitled Anglo-American females positively welcome the self-removal of such low-status 'losers' from their lives (if they even notice their absence at all).

Entitled Anglo women despise MGTOWS anyway!

When I began this project – if it may be considered such – I was a fairly marginalized figure in the Manosphere. The old school reformists held sway. At first, I even had to call myself an MRA; a decade ago, no terminology existed to properly describe my unique vision. Gradually, though, a coherent terminology began to emerge through ceaseless argument and discussion, through mimesis and mutation. And so the Pan-Anglosphere Male Resistance Movement, with its distinctive terminologies and modes of thought, came to be. And here we are.

In sum, the Anglosphere is just one cultural bloc among many cultural blocs and should be seen and criticized as such; there is nothing ‘special’ about it. The Anglosphere’s era of dominance in the late twentieth century was more the result of historical accident than anything else; and its future decline looks assured. The motor of this decline is misandrist Anglo-American feminism and the social dysfunction – not to mention male alienation – it leaves in its wake. But this decline cannot be arrested, nor should it be; it is the inevitable fulfilment of the Anglosphere’s misandrist destiny. Low trust relationships, political alienation, a costly underclass and educational failure already blight the Anglo-American bloc, and will only worsen; but this is to be celebrated. Men cannot arrest the slide into barbarism, even if they wanted to; no, they must look to foreign shores for fulfilment, peace and pleasure. A single mercenary male without social ties has the Anglo-Feminist Matrix at his mercy; he is untouchable, boundless, almost a god.

That is our movement’s unique insight.

The Anglosphere's Institutional Misandry is Beyond Reform

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

The Gulf: Lies, Damn Lies and Anglo Women

Unlovely Reality: Gemma Beale

Part of what makes Anglosphere women so disappointing is the vast gulf between the reality and the ideal. From their earliest years, Anglo-American males are bombarded with images of thin, witty princesses endowed with engaging personalities who want to have sex with everybody. Films, television shows and popular music all extol the delusion that men can be ‘saved’ by forming a relationship with one of these flawless, semi-divine creatures

The reality, of course, is a massive let down: for obesity, shallowness, personality disorders, hypergamy and frigidity are what truly define women in the Anglosphere. Once the dream is shattered and truth takes hold, the red-pilled man begins to wonder if there are any limits to their criminality, cruelty and perfidy.The following case of Gemma Beale illustrates this dichotomy perfectly:
LYING Jemma Beale, 25, made false rape and sex assault claims against 15 different men — and sent an innocent man to jail for seven years, a court was told. Beale made allegations over three years but they were “grotesque inventions”, jurors heard.

She claimed she was attacked at a pub and outside her home, and gang raped in the street.
Beale said she was raped by nine men and sexually assaulted by six. All but one were strangers. Beale’s first allegation was against Mahad Cassim, who had given her a lift home after a night out. He was charged with rape and jailed for seven years.

But prosecutor John Price QC said: “That was a wrongful conviction. Mahad Cassim was innocent. The person responsible for the grave injustice was the defendant, through her false allegation and perjured evidence. She maintains that falsity still.”

Mr Price said it was “inherently improbable” Beale was attacked so many times and so frequently. He added: “Each of her reports was entirely false.”

In July 2012 Beale claimed she was sexually assaulted by four men with a piece of barbed wire in an alley. But jurors were shown CCTV of her walking home alone that night. Her injuries were self-inflicted, the court was told. In September 2013 Beale reported a sex assault by two men outside her home. Neither was ever identified.

Two months later, she reported a gang rape by eight men. One of those she identified, Luke Williams, was held on bail for two years. Mr Williams yesterday told how Beale had invited him to have sex with her at a party while her girlfriend was downstairs. He said: “I felt uncomfortable. I didn’t want her to feel rejected but I really didn’t find her attractive.”

Beale, of Bedfont, West London, denies perjury and perverting justice. The trial at Southwark crown court continues - Source: The UK Sun

Bellied like a whale

Despite stories like these, the Anglo-feminist matrix still seeks to propagate the myth of feminine saintliness via films, television, popular music and the gynocentric gutter press. And so the gulf between reality and illusion yawns ever wider, with two principal results:
  1. Ever more males become red-pilled at ever young ages, since The Gulf is too vast for the Matrix and its minions to conceal. Male mantises lack language and the Internet to communicate their grievances; human males have both. 
  2. Anglo women act out in ever more misandrist and perverse ways. The embattled Matrix, having alienated males and thus being utterly dependant on female goodwill for its survival/expansion, simply has to accommodate them. Ultimately, women will be able to walk the streets shooting men with impunity. In turn, this situation will entrench male red-pilled alienation, forcing the matrix into more defensive misandry and spawning yet more male alienation. The ultimate result of this non-virtuous cycle is easy enough to guess.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

The Shadows of a Dream: The Rise and Rise of the Anglobitch Thesis

When I started this blog ten years ago, it was my intention to create waves and cast shadows across the Manosphere. I knew my key insight – that Anglo-American culture’s mistrust of sexual freedom had created an especially misandrist, belligerent form of feminism – was entirely correct, and needed disseminating. Far from being ‘revolutionary’, as tradcon MRAs believe, Anglo-American feminism springs right from the frigid heart of Anglo-American civilization. This explains the unstinting support feminism receives from the state in all Anglo-Saxon countries, and why all attempts to resist it have proved so utterly futile. There never was a ‘golden age’ of gender relations in the Anglosphere; the puritanical Anglo-Saxon cultural bloc has been pedestalizing women and vilifying men for centuries, and thinking men have resisted this tendency for just as long.

When I began this blog, it was always my hope that thinking men in the different Anglo-Saxon nations would interpret my core concepts in their own way, and that different writers would develop them in new and interesting directions. Now, this dream has come to pass. As seeds are scattered by the wind to birth new forests, new scholars and writers have begun to develop an online Anglobitch movement with an intellectual integrity of its own. 

Foremost among these is the New Modern Man, an American blogger who has thrown off the misandrist shackles of American society for a new life in the Caribbean. Since most of my readers are based in North America, the national specificity of the NMM’s articles will be close to their hearts. He moves beyond my own strictly theoretical approach, offering life-coaching for Anglo males who really want that new life of true sexual freedom abroad. Yes, we all know the Anglosphere sucks for men but what do we do about it?  Here are links to some of his best articles:

And here is an incredible article about Anglo women he wrote for the famous manosphere hub, Return of Kings:

Speaking of ROK, here are two more excellent articles by other ROK writers which are unambiguously influenced by the Anglobitch Thesis:

Indeed, this sweet assortment is just the tip of the iceberg, because ROK is literally bursting with Anglobitch-derived material.